Inner's Kft., previously Inner's
Research Public Benefit Company was established in 2003. Since then we have been doing professional work in specialities including education, employment and the social sector.

A great part of the expert activity is made up of social sciences researches; in addition in the past two years we have been doing specialized work and developments in education, more precisely work related to vocational training, with emphasis on quality management and surveys. We also have substantial experience in social sciences researches concerning the Roma minority.


The profile of Inner's Kft. is essentially connected to specialities such as education, employment and health care. Hereunder we review interesting information about us that is important for us and – hopefully – for You too.

Inner’s Kft. primarily deals with the disadvantaged. For quite a long time we endeavoured to improve the situation of disadvantaged people through solutions within domestic penal institutions. Today we define our activities and also their impact in a much wider sense. We carry out research and co-operate in researches in this topic.

Besides this, our work also consists of an activity considered drier but all the more tangible: it is the development and introduction of measuring systems and quality management systems in institutions which require that. The fundamental goal of our measuring system related to the specialized field of education is to assist the everyday operation of the institutions, support the decisions of the management of the institution, and to rationalise its operation. The measuring system we offer, however, also takes the specifics of the institution into account, and the details are not lost during development.

Health care, quality improvement, patient safety

It is the right and claim of every Hungarian and European Union citizen to have equal access to high-standard medical attendance adequate for the advancement of modern medical-technology. The improvement of the competitiveness of Hungarian health care providers in the Hungarian and international market is only feasible if they meet the quality requirements that providers operating in countries with accredited designing system offer their patients. The evaluation and improvement of the current state of patient safety, a priority quality issue, is an indispensable requirement for those providers who would like to stay competitive in the health care market. Along internationally accepted principles and methods our company gives quality improvement and patient safety counselling for providers.

  • Building IT support for the designing system.
  • Exploring fields related to patient safety characteristic of the provider, defining strengths, weaknesses and their fundamental reasons.
  • Preparing comparative analyses based on best practice in reference to patient safety.

HR crisis counselling

One of the most acute problems of today’s medical attendance is the lack of human resources. Both in out-patient and in-patient specialist care there are huge differences in the supply of specialists among and within the various regions of the country. Our company, perceiving the gravity of the problem, has developed a HR crisis counselling line of business within the framework of which we undertake the elaboration of unique solution recommendation on the institutional, settlement and regional level alike.

  • Position paper, the mapping of strengths and weaknesses, defining needs.
  • Preparing a comparative analysis based on best practice study.
  • Elaborating solution recommendation by using HR and operational managerial techniques.

Health promotion, community development

According to the World Health Organization, “Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. Health promotion represents a comprehensive social and political process, it not only embraces actions directed at strengthening the skills and capabilities of individuals, but also actions directed towards changing social, environmental and economic conditions so as to alleviate their impact on public and individual health.” Along this principle, our company offers expert counselling activities on every community arena in the field of health promotion.

  • Designing and implementing health plans for settlements, micro-regions.
  • Designing and implementing health plans, health education programmes in community arenas.
  • Workplace health promotion.
  • Designing and implementing national health education and primary prevention programs, based on mental health knowledge.

Tender counselling

Our company provides comprehensive counselling services in the field of European Union tenders published within the framework of the New Hungary Development Programme. Our experts offer services for health care providers from finding the tender opportunities appropriate for their profile to the closing of the projects – in connection with both investment-type and other professional programmes related to the institution.

  • Monitoring the calls for proposals
  • Counselling in the project proposal writing phase
  • Tender writing, editing
  • Project management in the implementation phase